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A foreword by Gulzar

Shantanu Moitra is a live antenna. An antenna ‘catches’ the vibes from everything that happens around us. Shantanu does that too. The whisper of the breeze, the humming of bees, the meteor that waltzes across space – he responds to all these.

The minutest vibration resonates in his mind. He takes so much interest in everything around him because he has an indefatigable attachment to life.

Shantanu composes music, reveals himself through his music. But now that he has spread his wings in the firmament of words, he is equally at ease in this world. His music conveys all that he wants to express. But people in general listen to music as an entertainment. Rarely do they have the leisure or the understanding to let music seep into their very souls where it could reverberate with the same intensity with which it was composed. So, Shantanu now brings his words to us. Instead of notations, this time he delves into words and characters.

Read Shantanu’s writing, imbibe his experiences, discover him anew.

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